Albert Road, #Woodstock. #TooMuchTraffic

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Damn traffic gets everywhere


DAMN traffic gets everywhere, doesn’t it? This is Albert Road in Woodstock on a common or garden Tuesday at 4.10pm. There’s one lane in, one lane out, a bike lane on both sides, and chaos all around.

Being in a car in this environment is bad enough. Being on a motorbike is slightly better. Being on a bicycle is better yet — the cars and trucks and motorbikes are the traffic, not cyclists — but walking is the best. Not, however, at intersections, where anyone in control of anything powered by an engine assumes they always have right of way.

The street should be where we enrich our lives, where we get real and get laughing and get all the colour we want, especially in a place as brimful with all of the above as Woodstock. But that can’t happen when motorised vehicles think they own the place and aren’t at all inclined to share. ♦

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