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Seeing the point of Sea Point


SEA Point and surrounds offers Cape Town’s best and worst. It’s an island in the sun, an oasis of wonderfully well-used public space, and an invigorating mix of café’s and bars and the people in and around them. It’s also a dumping ground for some of those people and their dreams, a stark illustration of the city’s inequality, and a public space where some are more welcome than others – who are shooed away by vigilantes wearing the uniform of private security companies. On any given day on the Promenade, you can hear Arabic, German, French, Mandarin and Spanish spoken mere metres apart, as well as a dash of English and Afrikaans easily as salty as the nearby waves of the Atlantic. “Ag man, I sommer don’t like you when you’re sober,” is one such gem heard here. ♦

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